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LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136

LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136


A wall holds a lot of responsibility in making your building stand safely. So when you decide to renovate a particular column of your house or expand your dining, kitchen, or living room, or any other good reason for which you want to remove a wall, there are many big things to consider before its safe removal. First, you need to understand the end goal of removing an interior wall. One of the most common reasons for removing walls is increasing the floor area and letting more natural light come into the room. Thus, by understanding the need to remove a wall, you will be assured that the step you will take is worth taking.

A wall is an integral part of your building to structure appropriately. Thus before you move ahead with breaking down the wall, here are some points to consider before starting the process.

What Type Of Wall Is It?

A wall holds a lot of weight of a building, and some walls are the pillar of the house holding the entire ceiling. Therefore, before you move ahead with the decision of breaking down a wall, take time to learn about the wall and its importance in your building. For example, learn from an architect if the wall is load-bearing or ceiling joists and take preventive measures before moving ahead with the process. However, not everyone can evaluate the correct importance of a wall, especially a person who is unknown to the field of Architecture. Thus, you must consult a professional demolition team like Intergalactic Services, who are experts in the wall removal job, before planning further interior details.

Inside Story Of The Wall

Walls of residential buildings generally have electrical wiring and plumbing pipes passing through them. However, sometimes apart from electrical wires and plumbing pipes, the walls contain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning pipes, and breaking those walls can cut the supply for a longer duration in your homes. Therefore, before demolishing the wall, learn about the inside story of the wall, what things your wall holds apart from the roof and floor. Moreover, ignorance of the inside holdings of the wall can make your wall removal more expensive and hence, become an exhausting project for you.

Age Of Your Wall

Your wall’s age will not only decide how your wall was made late at that time but will also tell about the particles involved in the construction of the wall. If a wall is as old as the 1970s and before, there is a chance that the walls contain lead dust that will be toxic for the environment. Moreover, the age of the wall tells about the structure of the building. It hence helps us, Intergalactic Services, the demolisher, to technically remove the wall with the least damage to the surrounding walls and building structures. Thus, hiring a professional wall removal service provider like Intergalactic Services is the best option as they are lead-safe-certified renovators. Hence they take required safety measures and remove the wall with the least damage to the environment and surrounding walls.

Decide The Type Of Flooring You Want

After removing the wall, you will get a completely fresh space to decide what you want to do in that space. Moreover, there will also be floor parts that will be left unfinished after the wall removal. Thus, decide the type of interior you wish to decorate and decide about the type of floor you want, the old one or an entirely new floor, by removing the old ones.


Removing any interior wall is possible, and in fact, removing a wall gives an entirely new look to your room, but you only need to look at the importance of the wall in your building structure. You need to look at the budget for the wall’s removal and other expenses it may carry with it. Thus, removing a wall is the work of professionals and should only be done under the guidance of experts. If you want to get any of your interior walls removed at an effective price, reach us, Intergalactic Services, and get it done by expert team members.

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