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LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136

LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136





Interior Demolition

Thinking of transforming your interior living space to update your look or expand for a growing family? We can create a clean slate for you! Get the safest, cleanest, and most professional interior demolition service with us.

Prepare For Remodels

Can’t wait to start your entire remodel project or work on just a few rooms? We work with your Contractors to get your space prepped and cleaned for the new materials you’ve selected.

Debris Removal

Intergalactic Services offers environmentally friendly construction debris removal solutions and recycles or upcycles reusable materials if at all possible. Thus, remove your debris in an eco-friendly manner.

Trash Removal

Clean out your last tenants’ trash before handing it over to the new owners with our Trash Removal Services. We handle trash, construction & demolition. Get rid of the trash efficiently with our trash removal service.

Kitchen Removal

Dreaming of a new Kitchen? We can remove all or nothing. Demolish walls or remove just cabinets and countertops? Let us customize your project! Get the first step of kitchen remodeling done with us.

Bathroom Removal

Tired of your old, outdated bathroom and ready for a facelift? Removing Walls, Tubs, Showers, Flooring, Cabinets & Countertops is our specialty. Our team can help dismantle your bathroom conveniently and quickly.

Cabinet Removal

Get your office, kitchen, bathroom, or garage cabinets removed quickly and hassle-free – we take it all away, leaving you a clean new space to work in. Use our efficient cabinet removal service for your space.

Tile Floor Removal

We offer you dustless and non-dustless floor tile removal services for your project – leaving you with a clean, newly prepared surface for your next floor. Get the best tile floor removal service with us.

Stone Floor & Travertine Removal

The tough, wear-resistant material and its adhesive take brute force to remove the stone floor and travertine, and we can remove it all mess-free. Get efficient and quick service when you use Intergalactic Services.

Saltillo Tile Removal

It’s the messiest job around! Brittle clay requires a jack-hammer for complete removal; Intergalactic Services will provide a clean end result. Get your old saltillo tile removed with skilled professionals.

Hardwood Floor Removal

Whether it’s a partial floor removal, entire floor removal, or just the stairs, we can tackle your wood floor project with efficiency and speed. Our expert professionals deliver efficient and mess-free work.

Carpet & Glue Down Carpet Removal

Intergalactic Services can remove carpet and adhesives quickly and hassle-free, leaving you ready to lay down your next floor. We offer you experienced professionals delivering the cleanest work.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Removal

Removing old vinyl floors gives a better end result when you are preparing your space for new material; we remove it and the adhesive. Our experts help you get the on-time service & protect your other property.

Soffit, Ductwork & Ceiling Removal

Whether it’s an empty soffit or one filled with ductwork and electrical wires, our skilled professionals can handle your needs. We provide skilled professionals for your soffit & duct removal.

Wall Removal

Eliminating Wall roadblocks is a common theme during construction projects – shower walls, glass block walls, room dividing walls, pony walls – you name it, we demolish it! Get rid of the unwanted wall cleanly.

Doors & Trim Removal

Changing your interior doors to reflect your personal design style is just one way to refresh your space. We have an efficient team that will remove & dispose of your doors & trims efficiently.

Window Removal

Intergalactic Services provides trained and skilled technicians to safely remove any type of windows from your property. They will help you get it done hassle-freely.

Column Removal

Removing decorative columns, posts and arches can be tricky; that’s why our team specializes in pre-inspection for load-bearing situations. We help you get the most effective result from column removal.