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LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136


When a house person decides to redecorate or renovate his house, the first thing he does is start from the kitchen, in fact, kitchen cabinets. Most people think removing it by themselves is easy and can be cost-effective. However, DIY with your kitchen cabinets is more generally seen when you want to sell your house or give it on rent. Every owner wants to get the best cash for their house’s whether they give it on rent or sell it, and the kitchen plays an integral part for most house buyers and renters. Thus, refacing the kitchen cabinets before listing the house for rent or sale is common among landowners.

However, removing or refacing the kitchen cabinets yourself before selling the house or renovating your kitchen is not a good idea. Here we have listed some important reasons to understand why getting a professional cabinet removal team is much better than doing it yourself.

Cabinet Removal And Refacing Takes Time

Cabinet removal is a lengthy and precautious process. You need to take off many attachments of the cabinet and take care of the age of the cabinet and how technically it is drilled with the base. Although a professional cabinet remover works on the cabinet removal, it will take him three to five days to reface a simple kitchen cabinet. For a new person or DIYer, the same process will take weeks or even a month to complete the project. A professional cabinet remover will get the right tools and equipment, letting you save the most of the time. Hence, hiring professionals like Intergalactic Services cabinet removal service for the removal process will save much of your time and give quick results.

Extensive Damage Of The Cabinets

Getting a deep understanding of the cabinets’ damages is next to impossible for a non-expert cabinet remover or DIYer. If you are a DIYer with no knowledge of cabinets, you can only understand the extent of damage to your cabinets when you start refacing them. Independently understanding the damage of the cabinets is challenging for even a highly creative person. Thus, getting a professional cabinet remover with expertise in its field is the best solution, especially when your cabinets are old and outdated. A professional cabinet remover, one from Intergalactic Services, will quickly identify the damage of the cabinets and also provide a long-term solution for the damage.

The Accidental Cut Down Of The Cabinet’s Edges

Cabinet refacing and removal needs minute attention and proper tools and knowledge about the cabinet’s structure. When you DIY the kitchen cabinets refacing, there is a very high chance of cutting down the edges of the cabinet because of a lack of knowledge and skills. There are many professional steps involved in refacing the kitchen cabinets, like taking off the doors from the boxes before refacing and cleaning, sanding, priming necessary before applying paint, and many more. Moreover, most homeowners are not familiar with and eventually damage the kitchen cabinets while DIYing them. Thus, hiring a professional from the start of the process of kitchen cabinet removal will help you save you from making major mistakes with your cabinets and save a lot of time and money, which you will need to invest after the damage you can make.

Don’t conduct DIY kitchen cabinet refacing regardless of how excellent your DIY skills are. By doing this, you risk engaging in a task that you can’t handle, spending a reasonable amount of time, or accidentally cutting corners. In addition, you will end up spending more time and money to fix the issues. Instead, professionals with expertise in this field, like Intergalactic Services, will give you an assessment of the project and reface your kitchen cabinets in the shortest time possible. Visit our website, Intergalactic Services, for other removal and demolition works done by experts.

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