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LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136


Removing the popcorn ceiling is a messy act and unsafe. In fact, removing popcorn ceilings from any living space comes with the issue of safety, which needs to be addressed first. Moreover, this job can be very frustrating and irritating as it can also get messy. So, there are do’s and don’ts as best practices to remove the popcorn ceiling safely and with a lot less fuss. We have listed here some of the best practices to follow before you start with the popcorn ceiling removal.

Some conceivable dangers you should know

We all know safety is essential when dealing with a popcorn ceiling. Sometimes, the drywall textures contain asbestos and may be coated with paint with lead content. However, some decades ago, things were done like this. So, before dealing with popcorn, grasp some knowledge about the likable dangers that may come your way. Therefore, if stuck in the way, always prefer a professional like Intergalactic Services for the same.

Thus, appropriate personal protective equipment is necessary when dealing with materials for removing the popcorn walls. These safety equipment include dust respirators, goggles, dust masks, and hearing protection.

Steps to take for removing popcorn ceiling


  • Communicate about the presence of asbestos to the occupants and employees residing in the building. Always remember, asbestos exposure is considered high risk and is dangerous to people’s health. Moreover, this risk is present only if the material is disturbed somehow.
  • Always contact certified asbestos inspectors first before proceeding with the removal. They take material samples that may contain asbestos. Their asbestos laboratories will verify if the material has asbestos or not.
  • Always have a written evaluation from the asbestos inspector specifying the location of asbestos. The document should include the extent of damage and the guidance for maintenance or approval.
  • Hire an asbestos abatement contractor to avoid interest conflict. We will recommend hiring a separate contractor from the one who obtained the samples. It will give that check-and-balance protocol for high accuracy results.
  • Obtain a contract, particularly in black-and-white, before reduction work begins.
  • Provide the employers respiratory protection and to the employees who will be working in areas with asbestos.
  • Always consult with a certified asbestos professional before any remodel, renovation, or demolition project. Always understand that businesses must obtain an asbestos inspection certification before going ahead with any construction-related work.


  • Never remove any materials yourself with the doubt that they may contain asbestos. It is hazardous only when the asbestos is disturbed in the popcorn material. Moreover, once the asbestos is disturbed, its fibers become airborne.
  • Never clean, sweep, or vacuum directly any debris which you suspense that may contain asbestos.
  • Always be alert of never drilling holes, scraping, tearing, or sanding the materials that may have asbestos.
  • Never in time attempt to level or remove asbestos flooring or its backing.
  • Be precautious about the tracking of materials of the house that are suspected of containing asbestos.

Thus, removing the popcorn ceiling is an unsafe job and should never be done without an expert’s help. Therefore, if you need popcorn ceiling removal, you must hire an expert, like Intergalactic Services, and take preventive measures before proceeding ahead. Moreover, for any removal and demolition services, contact us, Intergalactic Services, and get the service done hassle-free.

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