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LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136

LICENSE NO. ROC 337139 & ROC 337136


Once you have decided to give your old wooden furnished living space a new look, the first thing that hints to your mind is the wooden flooring. Of course, it needs to be removed immediately before moving any step further. However, what can be the reason for removing your old wooden flooring? One of the most fundamental reasons for changing your wooden flooring can be that it doesn’t match well with the new decor of the room or living space you have decided for your space. Another reason could be the damaged or torn wood floor due to the pets in the house, the moisture imbalance that leads to cupped floors, or the dryness of the wood. Moreover, there can be several other reasons for your wooden floor to get damaged, like foot traffic and bugs in your wooden floor that can appeal to you to change the old wooden flooring.

Some Common Issues Found With Wooden Floors & How To Get Rid Of Them?

Wooden floors are not made to last forever and come with a warranty period. Thus, you cannot expect the floor to remain shiny and fresh after a few years of installation. Moreover, several environmental and living factors also contribute to the early damaging of the wooden floors. Some of the common issues of the wooden floors caused due to environmental factors or living styles are:

Cupping or Crowning

When your hardwood floors contact moisture, cupping occurs. You will see the board’s edges appear higher than the center, and if moisture comes into contact with your hardwood, it will dry on the surface more quickly than at the bottom of the board, just above the subfloor. However, when you find the center of the board higher than the edges, understand that crowning has occurred.

Cracks or Separation

Wooden floors come with a specific moisture level, and when it gets disturbed, especially in winters due to external heat sources like heaters and blowers, the wood loses its moisture and shrinks ultimately. This extra heat and cold of the season lead to plank cracking or separation, but taking proper care of the increasing heat in the rooms can prevent the floor from cracks.


For any living or environmental reasons, your wooden floor has been exposed to a heavy amount of moisture like a flood or heavy amount of food or water spill, and if left untreated, there is a higher chance of the floor getting buckled. Moreover, it can be treated if the complete trace of the moisture is removed and the boards are removed for the subfloor to try. Once the surface is dried, you need to install new boards.


The first thing we do when we find out the wooden floor is damaging is sand rubbing. However, excessive wooden floor sanding will make the floor thinner and thinner. Thus, you need to change the wood flooring in a certain period. If you are looking forward to DIYing the wooden floors of the place, there are many issues you will face. One of the major issues will be the time taken to complete the work, as removing the complete wooden flooring of your space is a very time-consuming process and also needs staffing. Moreover, if a non-expert person does the wooden floor removal, there is a very high chance of damaging the subfloor, which in return will cause you more expense and time. Hence, getting an expert, like Intergalactic Services, for your wooden floor removal will save you from extra time consuming and staffing.

Removing the wooden floor of your space needs a lot of attention, expertise, and experience. Trying to remove it by oneself will make your work more messy and expensive. With Intergalactic Services, you can get your wooden floor removal efficiently and economically with our advanced tools and expert professionals. Contact us, Intergalactic Services, for more demolition and removal projects for commercial and residential areas.

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